Creator Spotlight:

One of the best independent artists I've ever seen.
It's time you discover his work.

1. Are you currently working on any projects and what can we see?

I just finished the first draft of a novel and I've been painting a lot. I'm doing less freelance these days and spending more time trying to figure out the next phase of my life. However, THE PROCESS is something I've been focusing on for about a year now. It's a Youtube stream of content that shares a lot of the things I've learned in art over the years. From comic book art, to sketching, painting and everything in-between.

2. Is there a particular concept or piece you are most proud of in your work and why?

No. I think pride is a foolish and a regrettable thing for me to have. As soon as I commit to saying I'm proud of something then I may as well give up. It's just a silly notion, embarrassing really.

3. Do you have any formal training? Do you even think it's necessary?


Necessary for what? Every bit helps. The cheaper the better. Cheat, thieve, rob, steal, whatever it takes to learn and then sit down and do the fucking work. I read and study constantly because the fear of settling causes me great anxiety.

4. Analog(traditional) or Digital, or a combination of both? What tools do you use and why?


All the tools because the more I know the better.

When the power goes out at least I'm still an artist. Of course I suck at mostly everything, but at least I suck consistently. I'm hoping to be good by the time I'm in my 60s. By then I'll have probably forgotten all I've learned.

5. How did you stumble into the Indie Comics scene?

I didn't stumble. It was out of necessity. I needed to create on my own terms the stories I wanted to tell.

How did you find out about my work? Why in the world do you even like my work?

[I was researching an idea for a character called 'Space Huntress'. I googled some images and one stood out for it's quality. Spacegirl from Shane White. -Steve]

6. There can only be one survivor! Penciler, Colorist, Letterer, Writer. Why'd you pick that one? Please Explain.

I'm not even sure if that's a question.

Am I killing people now? Why just one? Why do I need any of them? They'll probably want money I don't have.

But if I had the money, I'd hire the best colorist because I'm too fucking slow to color my own comics.

7. Who's your hero? Athlete? Family member? Teacher? Caped Crusader?

I don't believe in heroes. There are people who I admire. There are those whose accomplishments I admire but I have no use for that kind of idolatry.

8. Do you even read comics, bro? If so which ones, if not...why not?

Not in about 3-4 months. The price one pays versus what you get is terrible. At least with a Rick Remender book, he's throwing in every goddamn thing including something unexpected.

I've been reading manga that our library has; 20th Century Boys, Pluto, Monster and Mister Keaton are very good but they do string you along. The first one is, by far, more interesting. Naoki Urasawa is like the Will Eisner of Manga for me. Definitely opened my eyes as of late.

What do you read and why?

[I was reading 'The Vision' last November '16, but missed an issue and haven't gone back. I recently bought the MiracleMan hardcovers but don't have the heart to open them. -Steve]

9. You can earn a comfortable living doing ANYTHING. What is it? Feel free to explain why.

If I could earn a living masturbating. Who wouldn't? Except I suck at sleeping. But I'm pretty good at masturbation. Nobody goes home crying. EVER.

Honestly though, it used to be directing film, but these days I don't think I could handle it, too stressful. Unless it was a very small project. I'd say writing. Just writing novels, or screenplays. I've had an okay run as an artist, but really, I'd like to try failing at something else for awhile.

10. Where can people see more of your work or find out more about you?

Website 1:
Website 2: Studio White

Twitter: @shanewhite
Instagram: _shanewhite
Facebook: Shane White Studio , Studio White Visuals

11. Anything else you'd like to share with us? Political view. Religious view. Baby on the way? Your first job? Email address? Favorite sports team?

No. Can't see the political forest for the trees. Religion has never been visually interesting. If it's a baby, it ain't mine. Thief. Sports is a form of hero worship which as previously stated, I have no use for.

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