By Steve Benton

There’s a new independent comics book marketplace that I’ve been made aware of. It’s called Drawmeincomics.com and it hails from the majestic Northern Stronghold of Saskatoon, SK, Canada. I had a friend request that tipped me off to this so I decided to take a look at it. When I arrived I wasn’t disappointed.

The website has a great UI, and allowed me to easily signup using my current Facebook account.

They’re still in their infancy and some growing pains should be expected. The financial aspects of converting American cash may still be up in the air but they easily take your credit card info if you choose to go that route. I don’t think the site will have any issues dealing with you on a personal basis regarding your hard earned cash. They were quickly able to resolve a download problem I was having with one of their titles. Their system will deal with internal coins, so be aware that when you go to convert it back there may be some delay in receiving your cold hard cash.

But if you’re looking for bargains and don’t want to deal with money just yet, you definitely should check out the handful of free comics they have listed. There’s something for everyone, and the site even allows you to set parental style restrictions, just in case you need to keep the kids from the hard stuff. While downloading a free issue (or two) of American Bison be sure to check out The Ultimate Power Duo’s, Space Joe: Ad Astra collection because not only does it come with 20 free songs created by the Ultimate Power Duo (Site founders, The Riz and ScottRP). It also has numerous Arts Councils and recording studios backing the project which has some pretty big names attached to it in regards to the beautiful artwork within.

Tyler Jenkins, Nathan Wahl, and Casper Konefal, and a group of other artists were handchosen based on their artistic styles, to adapt the lyrics of the album, and provide you with a visual tale of Space Joe’s rise to importance. A young man who has always been drawn to the Moon, Space Joe: Ad Astra follows his rise. I’ll let you download it so you can see if he ever makes anything of himself. It’s a great story, with a great message. You’d be doing yourself a huge disservice if you didn’t take advantage of these FREE offerings. It’s a great multimedia experience you'll be glad you took.

Remember, while you're there, not to forget your free American Bison issues after you’ve been blown away by UDP’s offerings. Currently, Issue 1 and 2 of American Bison are up there for free. They cost, NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH! Just sign in with your Facebook account, download the issues, press like, and leave a 5 star review. OK, review how you see fit, and don’t feel obligated to like it at all. I guarantee though there's something up there that you will enjoy. If there isn’t, be sure to drop your own title onto the site for download. Then start reaping in your Supercoins (The site wide currency). I already have a few myself which was a pleasant surprise. No matter what you do, the indie community always wants you involved. Be sure and let them know the Bison sent you!

Go to Drawmeincomics.com right now. You won’t be disappointed!


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